Aachi wa Ssipak

Movie, 2006



Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Violence, Science-Fiction
Tags: Alternative World, Bionic Powers, Guns, Magic, Parody, Present, Psi-Powers, Slapstick, Splatter, Verbal Comedy
Release Date: 28.06.2006
Licensors: Flatiron Film Company
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
Type: Movie (2006)
Episodes: 1, ~1 hr. 28 min.

Alternative names:

아치와 씨팍
Aachi and Ssipak
Aachi & Ssipak
Achi-wa ssipak
We know better than any other generation how important energy is to our survival, be it renewable or not. But for the inhabitants of the world in Aachi & Ssipak, the solution is already there for everyone to see... and smell. Feces! Yes, that brown, stinky thing. The government controls the populace through special ID chips every citizen is forced to keep, and for every defecation they get a special popsicle, which in turns makes them even more addicted. But our heroes, Aachi & Ssipak, just want to have fun and get the popsicles without doing, ahem, the hard work. So they cause a ruckus, get the cyborg police on their trail, meet a strangely appealing woman with the most annoying of voices, and stir up more and more trouble.
Aachi and Ssipak are two likable street hoodlums who scrape by stealing and selling "Juicybars," highly addictive blue popsicles distributed by the government in exchange for human excrement, the only usable fuel in Shibal, a dystopian, futuristic, post-apocalyptic city.
Aachi and Ssipak hook up with "Beautiful," a blue-haired, wannabe-actress with a lucrative knack for making the Juicybars pile up. Aachi, the entrepreneur, exploits her special talent and Ssipak, the romantic, falls in love with her. Rich in Juicybars, the threesome go on a rock star tear-up that makes them a target. They are pursued relentlessly by both the Diaper Gang, an army of violent blue mutants led by the Diaper King, and the police.
AACHI AND Ssipak is a crazy, high-octane story driven by a contemporary dubstep soundtrack by Mad Decent with some of the most mind-blowing action scenes ever to be animated.
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