Abashiri Family

OVA, ep.4 (1991)



Tags: Action, Based on a Manga, Comedy, Ecchi, Hand to Hand Combat, Violence
Release Date: 1991th year
Type: OVA (1991)
Episodes: 4
For sixteen years, the exceptional crime family Abashiri has harbored a dangerous secret that could tear them apart. Made up of the boss and his four children - panty thief Goemon, cyborg Naojiro, explosive-happy Kichiza and martial arts-wiz Kikunosuke – the Abashiri family murdered and stole with ease – until now. On the eve of one last bank job, the boss unveils this secret, which his dying wife swore him to reveal on Kikunosuke's sixteenth birthday: Kikunosuke is a female - the first female born to the Abashiri family in eighteen generations! The boss would like for her to live a normal life, and thus he sends Kikunosuke to a prestigious private academy to train; but little does he know that the school harbors a dark secret, and that Kikunosuke might not make it out alive!