Aesop World

TV, ep.26 (~11 min.), 1999



Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
Tags: Alternative World
Release Date: 05.04.1999 ‑ 31.12.1999
Studios: SUNRISE Inc.
Rating: G - All Ages
Type: TV (1999)
Episodes: 26, ~11 min.

Alternative names:

Aesop's World
Three kids living in the Watermill Village were planning a picnic in the mountains. Of course Pico, a young hamster kid wanted to go to the mountain peak with her friends Tocho and Fufu. The three of them fall in a hidden lake beneath the mountains and discovered a giant fish named Aesop floating. The knew that the fish wanted to fly again, in order to do that, they must collect mystical scales all across the world. Because of this, they start their search for the mystical scales in order for Aesop's dream to come true.
Aesop World Aesop World Aesop World