Blue Remains

Movie, 2001



Genres: Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Science-Fiction
Tags: Apocalyptic Fiction, CG-Anime, Monster, Space, Environmental, Post-apocalyptic, Sci Fi
Release Date: 22.08.2001
Studios: GAGA Communications
Type: Movie (2001)
Episodes: 1, ~1 hr. 17 min.

Alternative names:

In a world laid waste by nuclear war, Amamiku guards the seeds that hold the genetic code of the planet and can be used for its rebirth. Living underwater and protected from the radioactive atmosphere above, she impatiently waits for the earth to be ready for the seeds to germinate.But when her existence is discovered, it sparks a frantic race between the remains of humanity struggling for survival, and the disembodied brain, Glyptofane. This fanatic being, who sees mankind as a plague, has programmed his robotic army to destroy them.
Post-nuclear Earth is barren, and life can't survive on the surface, so the few remaining people have lived under-water waiting for their time to be able to go to the surface. Amamiku and her faithful computer guardians, Pyron and Mayzamik, guard the seeds that contain the DNA for life and re-growth on the surface when the air is breathable again, but not everyone wants that to happen.
Ninety years ago, global nuclear war destroyed the Earth, leaving the seeds of hope for the future in the hands of young Amamiku. Now, in the present, Amamiku has awoken from her cryostasis into a strange underwater world. Her mission, as deemed by the holographic images of her long dead parents, is to use the seeds to revive Earth - but it won't be easy. Though a small selection of other humans are alive and willing to help her on her quest, others such as the evil floating brain creature Glyptofane want to prevent Earth's revival at all costs. The fate of the world lies in a young girl, her robotic companion, and a few brave souls; will she succeed?
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