Brave Command Dagwon

TV, ep.48 (~24 min.), 1996



Genres: Action, Mecha, Science-Fiction, Adventure, Martial Arts, School, Super Power
Tags: Super Robots, Combining Mecha, Mecha, Sci Fi
Release Date: 03.02.1996 ‑ 25.01.1997
Studios: Sunrise
Rating: G - All Ages
Type: TV (1996)
Episodes: 48, ~24 min.

Alternative names:

Yuusha Shirei Dagwon
Floating in space many light years from Earth is a penal colony that holds some of the worse criminals in this part of the galaxy. These criminals were captured by the Dagwon Interstellar Police Force (a Green Lantern style agency) and jailed. However, the inmates took over the jail and began to strike back at their captors by attacking the nearest planet: Earth. After the first attack, 5 high school students are given the power to use their wrist morphers and summon powerful battle armor. In time of crisis they can mentally and physically become one with their respective vehicles and assume a more powerful robot mode. When necessary several of the human/robot hybrids can gattai (or combine) into larger robots with powerful attacks. These 'Brave high school warriors' now attempt to juggle school, love, and saving the planet on a daily basis.
A huge space monster appeared in a city and began to destroy the city. People were escaping with screaming. Among them, there were five high school students, En, Kai, Shin, Yoku, and Ryu. However, they failed to escape, and they rushed into a patrol car parked nearby. The monster was approaching to them. When they began to accept their death, the patrol car glowed blue white and disappeared into a mysterious space carrying them. When they were astonished, it was an alien that appeared in front of them. He was a Bravian who is an officer of the Space Police Organization that was responsible for the peace and order of the universe. He explained them that he was aimed at by ferocious aliens in the Space Prison Sargasso. He added that he had given them a battle machine "Dag Beagle" made by copying machines on the Earth in order to fight against Sargasso.
They turned into Dagwon by the power of Bravian, and fought against space monsters. At that moment, the patrol car came in front of En. En grew into the car and turned into the Brave Robot Dag Fire, then beaten the enemy. However, the fight between the Brave Dagwon and the felonious aliens of Sargasso had just begun.
En, Kai, Shin, Yoku and Ryu were five ordinary students at Sankai High School - that is, until the alien Brave Seijin forced them to become the heroes known as Dagwon to defend planet Earth! Aliens from the space prison Sargasso have targeted the world, and since there's no time to summon Dagwon from the aliens' home planet, the duty falls upon these five unassuming teens. With newfound mecha power and animalistic machines, Dagwon will defend Earth from mummifying monsters, giant ants, and more!
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