OVA, ep.2 (~28 min.), 2000



Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Hentai, Romance
Tags: Bionic Powers, Magic, Present, Psi-Powers
Release Date: 10.11.2000 ‑ 16.02.2001
Studios: Y.O.U.C
Rating: Rx - Hentai
Type: OVA (2000)
Episodes: 2, ~28 min.

Alternative names:

Takakage is troubled by a strange dream, seemingly of a former life as a soldier in the Sengoku Era of Japan. In that life, he loved the miko Ayame, though their love was doomed by war. Now, in this life, he is given a prophecy that he will meet the woman of his dreams.
Takakage, a college student, has been having strange dreams lately. In them, a young shrine priestess named Ayame promises to marry a young, look-alike soldier named Genshiro the night before he is sent to battle. Takakage finds a maiden who looks like the woman from his dreams. With the help of her, his sister, and his fortune-telling friend, he seeks to find the answers of what their, and his, true origins lay.