Hello Kitty Ringo no Mori to Parallel Town

TV, ep.27 (~9 min.), 2007



Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Kids
Release Date: 02.10.2007 ‑ 25.03.2008
Studios: Asahi Production
Rating: PG - Children
Type: TV (2007)
Episodes: 27, ~9 min.

Alternative names:

ハローキティ りんごの森とパラレルタウン
Kitty and Mimmy fall through a hole and end up in a parallel world. It's identical to the one the sisters live in but it's inhabited by humans with transparent wings and pointy ears. Kitty becomes friends with Emily, a supermodel in this parallel world, and together they try to rescue Mimmy who has disappeared. Their search is hampered by Akuro--a black cat who has a mean streak.

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