Mermaid Forest

OVA, ep.1 (~55 min.), 1991



Genres: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Violence, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Mystery, Fantasy
Tags: Historical, Monster, World Wars, Horror, Mermaids
Release Date: 16.08.1991
Studios: OB Planning
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
Type: OVA (1991)
Episodes: 1, ~55 min.

Alternative names:

Ningyo no Mori
Rumic World 4
Yuta has been alive for nearly 500 years. Centuries ago, he was on a fishing boat that caught a mermaid - and ate it's flesh. Mermaid flesh is both powerful and dangerous; Yuta is now immortal, but most who eat it are not so lucky. Yuta has spent most of his life in search of someone like him, and finally he meets Mana, a strange but happy girl. After Mana accidentally falls off a cliff, an old doctor, thinking she is dead, picks her up and takes her to a strange house near a place called "Mermaid Hill". Can Yuta save his one friend? What kind of danger is Mana in?
This anime is based on the Mermaid Forest story line found in the graphic novel by the same name. Mana and Yuta are drawn into the world of the Kannagi Family, owners of Mermaid Forest. Only two of the Kannagi clan remain - an old women and a young girl with hair as white as snow. What is the secret of these two women? And what is the secret of Mermaid Forest? Is there really a mermaid buried somewhere in the hills......a mermaid that could help Yuta return to normal?
It is believed that to consume the flesh of a mermaid, means that you will never show signs of age, and live forever. However, many cannot handle its taste and become demons for eternity. Towa is a woman whose thirst for this flesh consumes her, as she was made only partially immortal by drinking the blood of a mermaid years ago. Unable to cast her demons aside, she destroys everything in her path on a search for this legend.
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