Taro the Dragon Boy

Movie, 1979



Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Historical
Tags: Historical, Adventure, Demons, Dragons, Fantasy
Release Date: 17.03.1979
Studios: Toei Animation
Licensors: Discotek
Rating: PG - Children
Type: Movie (1979)
Episodes: 1, ~1 hr. 15 min.

Alternative names:

Tatsu no ko taro
der kleine Drachenjunge
der Drachenboy
Taro the Dragon's Son
Tatsu no Ko Tarou
Lazy and selfish, Taro loves to eat, sleep, and wrestle with the forest animals. He has little direction or inspiration in his life. That is, until a wizard passing through the forest one day bestows young Taro with a magical potion. Upon drinking the potion, he gains the strength of a hundred men!

However, there is a catch: he may only summon this power when he is helping others. Taro soon learns that his long lost mother was transformed into a dragon as punishment for her greediness. He sets forth with a sense of purpose to locate his mother and free her from the spell. All the while trying to help the peasants of his village, as well as other colorful creatures that inhabit the mountain. Inspired by an ancient Japanese folklore, Taro the Dragon Boy is an enchanting animated masterpiece!
Patterned after Japanese art and silk screens, Taro, The Dragon Boy is an animated feature about Japanese mythology and cultures, focusing on Taro, a young boy who has to make a voyage to a distant lake to save his mother, who has been turned into a dragon.
Taro is not your usual village boy; a glutton and a sloth, he would rather be out playing with the animals than helping his fellow villagers, including his own grandmother. However, while wrestling with the animals one day a wizard appears and challenges him; and after Taro wins, the wizard gives him a potion that grants him the strength of a hundred men... but the power only works if Taro is helping someone. Shortly after, Taro discovers that his mother may still be alive – though in the form of a dragon due to a curse. Taro now sets forth to try to find his mother, traveling from mountain to mountain, while helping others along the way.
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