OVA, ep.6 (~30 min.), 1999



Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mecha, Science-Fiction, Parody
Tags: Monster, Parody, Present, Super Robots, Action, Aliens, Comedy, Mecha, Parody, Sci Fi, Slice of Life
Release Date: 25.02.1999 ‑ 25.07.1999
Studios: SUNRISE Inc., IMAGIN Co., Ltd.
Licensors: Bandai Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks
Type: OVA (1999)
Episodes: 6, ~30 min.

Alternative names:

思春期美少女合体ロボ ジーマイン
Shishunki Bishoujo Gattai Robo Z-Mind: The Battling Days of the "Shitamachi" Virgins
Shishunki Bishoujo Gattai Robo Z-MIND
A group of sisters are the only ones who can pilot a mysterious robot to save the world from an unknown alien life-form.
Old school is back! And girl power reigns supreme! Ayame, Sumire, Renge, and Satsuki are charged with the protection of the Earth from a powerful new enemy. But these girls may be in for more than they`ve bargained for!
They`ll have to not only master the experimental mobile armor: Z-Mind, hold down their part time jobs, all this while keeping their lives... normal! But will this be enough to stop the forces of evil from conquering the Earth?
Ayame, Renge and Sumire have enough to worry about with their idiot father always on their backs, but when a secret government agency tries to recruit them, life is about to become much more complicated! With bizarre machines threatening the city, it seems they have little choice but to pilot the Z Mind robot. Yet keeping their little sister Satsuki out of trouble, dealing with dad's nagging, uncovering the identity of Ayame's mysterious savior and contending with the freaky aliens might prove a little too much for anyone to cope with!
Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind Z-Mind