12th Elder

Age: Unknown
Race: Modified Human
Affiliation: Union
Occupation: 12th Elder
First Appearance: Chapter 154
The unnamed Elder was a high ranking member of the Union and a modified human
who was contracted to Roctis Kravei.
At some point in the past,the 12th Elder became a modified human and eventually formed a contract with Roctis.This is likely to have occurred prior to his becoming an Elder.The exact details of their relationship is unknown but he is shown to refer to Roctis with respect. He eventually became an Elder at some time,prior to the start of the series and was the last Union member to be promoted to the position of Elder before Dr. Crombel.
The 12th Elder is very arrogant about his rank and keeps disrespecting Crombel as an Elder because he sees Crombel as just a researcher. He tends to talk in an insulting way which has affected his relationship with other Elders.
As a Union Elder, he had a lot of power within the Union. He had a lot of highly skilled individuals and teams under his command such as Cerberus, Dr. Aris and by extension,the DA - 5. The vast sentinel fleet surrounding Lukedonia was also under his command.
Source: Noblesse wik

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