Alternative names:



Human, Idol~アイドル, Idol, Choker, Headphones, Mole, Hair Intakes, Collar, Heart, Crop Top, Midriff, Tattoo, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Violet
Hair colour: Blue
Hair length: To Waist
Height/size: 1.57m
Measurements: 77 - 55 - 80
Nationality: Leanbox
Weight: 41kg
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 41 kg
BWH: 78-55-80
5pb. is the cute hostess for Hi-5 Radio.
5pb. has somewhat of a split personality, 5pb is normally confident, comfortable and relaxed while on the stage or during any music related thing. But when she is not doing this, 5pb is a very nervous girl who grows very uncomfortable when dealing with others, to the point of uncontrollable panic. Not many are aware, but this is her true self, often to their surprise. To try to avoid people, 5pb has a habit of lying to them and claim to be someone else. When stressed she ends up running away from the person. Despite knowing better, 5pb also goes to her guitar for comfort and will talk to it.
Despite her tendencies of shyness, she doesn't believe in any injustice against music and will not hesitate to speak her mind. She isn't at all greedy; when she must choose between her career and others, she'll gladly step in to help them. In fact, she loves to help others! Especially when it's someone of high status like the Goddesses, or if it involves her interest. Such as helping Noire with her voice acting and musical talent. She also grew very excited to think up costume designs for the two of them.
5pb. 5pb. 5pb.

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Voice actors:

nao, Japanese
Caitlin Glass, English