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Human, Adult, Gangster, Sunglasses, Dark, Suit, Moustache


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Not visible
Hair colour: Facial
Hair length: To Ears
Abrego is the head of the Manisarela Cartel's branch in Roanapur. His brash, cowardly activities on the island, which often ended in bloodshed, was a source of disgust from other mob leaders like Balalaika and Mr. Chang. In fact, Balalaika and Hotel Moscow was planning to go into battle to destroy the cartel. However, a series of events caused a modification to those plans.
Abrego was to take custody of Garcia Lovelace after his superiors in Colombia had kidnapped the young boy to blackmail his father into selling their lands to them. However, as he waited for the boy to arrive, he had gotten news that a young woman in a strange outfit was going around Roanapur City looking for him. Taking his soldiers with him, he cornered the young woman at the Yellow Flag Bar – and found out the woman was the Lovelace's maid Roberta – and also found out that Roberta was the infamous "Bloodhound of Florencia", the former terrorist Rosarita Cisneros after she opened fire on them with a shotgun disguised as an umbrella!
Things for Abrego went from bad to worse when the Lagoon Company, who were escorting Garcia, arrived at the bar for a good time. After a brief battle with Revy – and after the Lagoon Company fled the bar with Garcia, Roberta then bade the remainder of Abrego's men farewell – then dropped several grenades from under her skirt, which exploded, destroying the bar and killing Abrego's men – but not Abrego, who was picked-up by Balalaika's men. Balalaika later said that the Manisarela Cartel in Colombia was wiped-out by her men there.
Abrego Abrego Abrego Abrego

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Voice actors:

Hisao Egawa, Japanese
Eli Gabay, English