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Gender: Male
Eye colour: No eyes
Hair colour: No hair
Alias: Scholastica
Age: Unknown
Index Name: "Benedict of the Bookshelf"
Weapon: Energy Blasts, Magic
Acedia is one of the Black Knights in 11eyes.
Acedia's first main appearance in the anime is during episode 6, where he appears before Kakeru, Misuzu, Yukiko and Kukuri. He tells Misuzu that even if they don't have a reason to fight them, the Black Knights have a reason to fight Kakeru and the others for the sake of the future. As he begins to fight with Kakeru and the others, he is stabbed through the chest by Kukuri; being sliced in half by her chains and is apparently killed. However just as his body dies, his mask separates from his body and flies away, with Superbia remarking that "Scholastica ran away." Acedia is then shown again in episode 7, with his mask is attached to a doll. He is then attacked and killed by Shiori just as Kakeru and Takahisa appear. Shiori makes a comment that Acedia had a brother called Benedictus whom he betrayed.
11eyes OVA:
Acedia makes a cameo in the 11eyes OVA as one of the 5 Pink Battle-Style Ero Rangers, calling himself Ero-Ranger Pompadour Pink. When he strikes a pose with the other Knights however, they all spontaneously explode leaving a crater in the ground.
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Acedia Acedia Acedia Acedia Acedia Acedia

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Voice actors:

Yoshiya Naruke, Japanese