Afura Mann


Alternative names:



Headband, Magic User, Priest, Teenager, Facial Mark


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Ears
The wind priestess of Mt. Muldoon. Of the three priestesses, her personality is delved into the least, and she comes off being rather wooden and serious most of the time, although she does make the occasional crack at Shayla's expense. Even though she is about the same age as Shayla, she's much more calm and composed. Still, she's not above shirking her duties on occasion, as she and Shayla are both late for the start of the rituals at Arliman after shopping at a bazaar, and like Shayla, she fails to listen to Makoto's pleas when they first meet.
Afura in The Wanderers
Afura remains a studious, intelligent priestess in the television series. However, her background with Shayla-Shayla is plumbed into much more detail, and her personality is given slightly more definition. Not much else changes, though. Her temple is located on a windy mountain peak and contains an extensive library of texts.

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Voice actors:

Pascale Chemin, French
Patricia Ja Lee, English
Miho Yoshida, Japanese
Raquel Marinho, Brazilian