Akane Shibasaki

Akane is a beautiful, princess-like girl with a very self-assured though cold attitude. She does not see the need in getting along with the rest of her classmates and so just says whatever is on her mind. She says it herself, that she is only considerate to people she likes.
She begins speaking to and spending time with the boyish-looking Maria as they are slated to play the prince and princess in a class play. Akane openly elects herself for the role of the princess. The class begrudgingly lets her since she has the perfect aura and looks to be a delicate princess, however they do not like her. She knows that people are not fond of her, but she does not seem to care and only pays attention to Maria.
Akane constantly tells Maria that she finds her to be cute, despite Maria's denial. She harbours feelings for Maria and seems surprised that the taller girl does not notice that the reason for her attention is due to her affections. She is there to comfort Maria when the other girl feels depressed about her looks.
Ironically, it appears that Akane is more of a prince, as Maria sees her, as she is confident, strong and there to save the one she likes from being sad or doing things she does not want to do.

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