Alibaba SALUJA


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Human, Magic User, Piercings, Sword Fighter, Teenager, Earrings, Prince, Swordsman, Dagger, Hair Spike, Neck Ribbon, Robes, Bishounen


Gender: Male
Age: 17
Eye colour: Golden
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Neck
Height/size: 1.68m
Age: 17 (near 18 during the Sindria Arc) (18 during World Exploration Arc)
Height: 168cm
Likes: Friendship, Women
Dislikes: Al Sarmen
Strengths: High Level Knowledge
Weakness: Gets fat easily
Birth place: Balbadd
Special skill: Royal Fencing
Djinn: Amon
A 17-year-old boy who Aladdin met randomly on his journey. Alibaba seems to be greedy at first and only thinks of money and good payment, though he values human life more and will save those in need. After being helped by Aladdin, he decides to team up with him and do dungeon diving. It was Alibaba's dream for a long time, but since almost nobody returned alive, he was too afraid to start a journey by himself. He considers Sinbad his hero because Sinbad was the only person who managed to return alive from the first dungeon.
Alibaba has the blood of royalty running through him, and is a prince of Balbadd. His father was the king of Balbadd while his mother was a prostitute causing him to live his childhood in the slums. When his father felt ill and realized he was dying he felt he didn't have a capable successor thus he found Alibaba and brought him to the palace where he was trained and educated to one day become king, He however refuses his title and instead turns Balbadd into a Republic after he personally overthrows the Monarchy.
Alibaba after capturing Amon's Dungeon became a Kings candidate, however unlike other Dungeon capturer's he was chosen by a Magi (Aladdin) to be King, thus making him one of the chosen by the Rukh to lead and rule.
Alibaba was at first unable to equip his Djinn fully only to later find out in his time at the Laem Colosseum that he has two types of Magoi which were slowly ripping him apart from the inside out due to the incompatibility with each other. Half of his Magoi actually belongs to his friend Cassim who died, and after training in the Colosseum and nearly dying the two Magoi combine in a huge Magoi thus granting him more power than he ever originally had. As a side affect he acquires some of Cassim's personality like his tendency to want to smoke, although Alibaba can't take it and ends up coughing every time he tries.
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Voice actors:

Yuki Kaji, Japanese
Erik Kimerer, English
Mutsumi Tamura, Japanese
Il Kim, Korean
Jean-Marc Montalto, French

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