Anthony Brown


Alternative names:

He is the cousin of the Cornwell family. He is very gentle,kind, and naive; also can be seen as a typical prince. He was the grandma's favorite and would always get in trouble in place of Stear and Archie. His mother passed away when he was at a very young age and his father is a sailor. His hobby is to take care of the roses in his garden because his mom loved roses before she died. He even bred a rose that was called "Candy" to commemorate Candy's birthday, which he told her that he will give her this rose on her birthday every year.
He was Candy's second love if the prince that Candy saw at "Pony's Hill" when she was little counts as her first love.
He died in the middle of a hunt by falling off a horse in order to save Candy from a raging horse.

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Candy Candy TV, 1976
Candy Candy: Haru no Yobigoe Movie, 1978
Candy Candy (Movie) Movie, 1992

Related manga:

Candy Candy Manga, 1975

Voice actors:

Kazuhiko Inoue, Japanese
Ryo Horikawa, Japanese
Marco Guadagno, Italian
Won Il Son, Korean