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At first seen by Spyke, Arcbeetle was a mysterious Medabot that showed up and was assumed to strike Spyke with lightning (Spyke finally is able to explain that he is struck by regular lightning and not by Arcbeetle, as assumed by the Screws). Later, he shows up and the next episode has him and Space Medafighter X fight off the Medabots that took out Metabee, Sumilidon and Kantaroth all together. He defeats them with ease, and then disappears with X.
Arcbeetle is shown to be very powerful and faster than Sumilidon, helping Ikki out of many scraps. He is also not much of a talker, only saying three words in the whole series. He goes with X off the cliff during the defeat of Mega-Emperor. He later shows up, along with X, and is revealed to have a rare medal.
During the world finals, he only shows up when X finally does, to stop Joe's Medabot from hurting Karin, easily blocking the punch from Wigwamo and standing by X as he "debates" with Joe. He fights team U.S.A, and Japan wins, due to Koji.
It is later revealed that Arcbeetle is actually the first Metabee, but when Hikaru broke his medal, he lost all his memories. It also has Hikaru saying the Ten Days Of Darkness were ten days long because he was looking for any other way to stop the madness, something he is very guilty over. All this was left out of the dub because it was too intense and it is often a misconception that Metabee was once Henry's.
* The two horns on his head and chest can channel energy and fire it as a single burst of energy, called "The Prominence".
* Triple-barreled lasers on his hands and feet, although the barrels on his feet do not fire.
* He's very fast and swift, despite his size. He is shown to be able to dodge bullets and catch Seeker Missiles.
* He's later revealed to possess a rare medal, and so has access to the Medaforce. (Wikipedia)

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