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Military, Supernatural Being, Adult, Hat, Magic User, Sadistic, Gloves, Tactician, Uniform


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Violet
Hair colour: White
Hair length: To Ears
Height/size: 1.83m
Nationality: Barsburg
Weight: 69kg
Age: 34
Height: 178 cm (in the anime he is 183cm)
Weight: 57 kg
Blood type: B
Favorite color: white
Motto: "Justice without power is vain" (07-Ghost's official fanbook)
The main antagonist. He is the man who killed Teito's 'Father' in the war against Raggs and seeks the Eye of Mikhail. His relationship with the 07-Ghosts is unknown, but it is later revealed that his soul is Verloren's soul. Verloren is the original owner of the scythe that is currently in Zehel's (Frau) possession. It is also revealed in the manga that the Seven Ghosts are made from Verloren's fragments.
Ayanami is very dedicated to his profession as a soldier and to his country, willing to kill and die for what he believes in, and his nationalism is his main motive in his actions. He shares Field-Marshal Oak's view that the best way to protect Barsburg from losing its present territories is to find the Eye of Mikhail and let the Barsburg Empire keep it. The opinions and comments of other people hardly affect him and he does not change his behaviour or go out of his way in order to impress or please his superiors.
Ayanami is strong-willed and never complains about pain or tiredness (despite the omake Begleiter revealing that he only gets 3 hours of sleep a day). He is quiet and always polite when speaking to others, rarely showing any facial expressions and always speaking in mono-tone. Despite being rather unemotional on the surface, Ayanami is aware of his subordinates' feelings (he comforted, and spoke softly to Kuroyuri when he/she cried) and well-being (he has asked himself countless times whether Yukikaze was happy being his Begleiter).
He often prefers to be during his work quietly and alone, rather than attending meetings or dealing with the antics of his subordinates. Ayanami is very tidy and organised and likes to complete all his work quickly and to a high standard. He dislikes anyone who distracts him. Ayanami is very intelligent, being an excellent tactician as he organised many of the Military's attacks. He is also very patient, waiting 10 years till his plan to remove Admiral Ogi could finally be carried out, and is rarely caught off guard, only showing surprise when opponents are stronger than he originally thought. Ayanami has also been shown to be very cunning, being a master of manipulation, but has a tendency towards stubbornness. Ayanami doesn't trust people easily.
Ayanami can be rather merciless when he feels the Barsburg Empire is being threatened. He tells Mikage that he will kill his sister if he does not reveal the whereabouts of Teito, who was considered a dangerous fugitive by the military. However it was shown that Ayanami was bluffing, and it appears that he is unwilling to use such violence against innocents, as even though Mikage refused to say anything, his sister was shown alive and unharmed. Whereas Ayanami is level-headed on the battlefield, he is quick to loose his temper and is not above using violence, mainly whipping or using zaiphon, to discipline his subordinates when they do stupid things to annoy him (Hyuuga being the only person who dares annoy Ayanami).
When Mikage openly refused to accept the mission, he possesses Mikage's soul and when Mikage sees Teito, takes over his body and forces him to attack Teito. In the end, Teito and Frau are forced to kill Mikage, which takes its toll on Teito emotionally. Ayanami later states that it was necessary to kill Mikage in front of Teito's very own eyes so that Teito would come after Ayanami in revenge.
Little is known about Ayanami's human past. It is known that he was born in to a family of nobles, but prior to the series they were cast out from the royal line for a yet unknown reason. Some elder officers mock Ayanami and his family for that and they tend to make things difficult for him. It is most likely that they are jealous of him due to the fact that he outranks them at such a young age, as they use phrases such as a 'brat', 'impertinent youth' and 'intolerable youngster' to describe him. In the manga, it seems that many soldiers in the army fear or dislike Ayanami and the Black Hawks because many people see Warsfiels as monsters.
In one of the more lighthearted official doujinshis/omakes, Ayanami is shown trying to find a pet, but all the animals are afraid of him. He has shown a fondness and attachment towards animals, especially cats. (BUT it has been said that Ayanami has various pets, but all of them, except his leopards, are afraid of him.. Can't say what is true).
Ayanami's uniform is more decorated than his subordinates, a major difference being that Ayanami has a peaked-cap which is trimmed with gold and has the Barsburg Military insignia in the centre. Ayanami is very fond of his military cap, and doesn't like to take it off- the reason is unknown.
- Labrador wishes for Ayanami to live his life as a human, which he says will make Ayanami's life happier.
- Ayanami only drinks coffee for breakfast. He skips lunch. It is unknown how often he skips dinner.
- Ayanami dislikes when people lie to him.
- Ayanami is left-handed, yet uses his warsfiel and chopsticks with his right hand - possibly hinting that he is ambidextrous.
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Voice actors:

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