Ayanojyo Aburatsubo


Alternative names:

油壷 綾之丞


Hat, Earrings, School Uniform, School Crest, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Pink
Hair length: To Shoulders
A 3rd year and the vice president of the Magic Club. Aburatsubo is homosexual, but only shows affection toward Takakura; he never shows signs of being interested in any other boy. Takakura is uncomfortable with Aburatsubo's flirting, but doesn’t think much of it; though Aburastubo continuously flirt with Takakura, he understands that Takakura will never return his feelings.
He has a variety of talents and is involved in many other clubs besides the Magic Club, such as the tennis team and drama club. The TV series establishes that doesn't have a very good standing towards his mother, who constantly babies him, though he does love her.

Related anime:

Magic User's Club OVA, 1996
Magic User's Club TV TV, 1999

Related manga:

Mahou Tsukai Tai! Manga, 1999

Voice actors:

Takehito Koyasu, Japanese
Kevin Collins, English
Jae Heon Jeong, Korean