Alternative names:



High School Student, Teenager, School Uniform


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Wavy
Hair length: To Shoulders
The trio are Kagome Higurashi's present day school friends who seem to be quite nosy when it comes to her personal life. They are always nudging Kagome to make advances on Hojo, a popular school boy who obviously admires her. And when they first hear about InuYasha, they constantly encourage her to drop him due to her seemly bizarre descriptions of him; However, in later episodes Kagome's three classmates begin to like "Mr. Possessive." In episode 160 entitled "The Lucky But Two-Timing Scoundrel!" the girls finally meet InuYasha and find his exotic appearance intriguing, officially approving of him which makes Kagome considerably happy.
Ayumi is the most naive and gentle of the group of friends. Unlike Eri and Yuka, who feel that Kagome's 'delinquent boyfriend' is bad news and are thus constantly encouranging Hojo on his romantic, albeit platonic, pursuits of said time-traveling schoolgirl, Ayumi is almost always shown as supportive of the couple. Some of this is, of course, due to her innocent demenor and optimism. However, she does believe that Kagome truly is in love, and that because of this any problems the couple might stumble upon may be overcome. She is shown to have an interest in song, acting as the maestro to her school's choir performance during the cultural festival.

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Voice actors:

Cathy Weseluck, English
Francesca Manicone, Italian
Ute Bronder, German
Rossy Aguirre, Spanish
Nami Okamoto, Japanese