Alternative names:



Facial Mark, Lipstick, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Chest
Gender: Female
Class: Steam Gunner
Real Name: Shizuka Miura
Bset's character is a long haired brunette woman dressed in loose blue robes. She wears a purple pendant around her neck and almost always has a somewhat dazed expression on her face. A Steam Gunner, she fights using a small blue pistol.
Bset is a very soft spoken woman, and gives off a rather meek appearance. But beneath the soft exterior is a very strong-willed person. She knows exactly what she wants, and has no illusions of how the world actually works. Though this gives her a rather bitter and sarcastic personality, she doesn't care, as she has no real problems with people seeing her in a bad way. She is intrigued by Ovan.
In the real world, Bset is a 24 year old woman named Shizuka Miura. She is employed at an IT company

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.hack//Roots TV, 2006

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.hack//Link Video Game, 2010

Voice actors:

Atsuko Enomoto, Japanese
Lalainia Lindbjerg, English
Cathy Boquet, French