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Human, Author, Adult, Scantily-clad, Tattoo, Video Gamer, Warrior, Shirtless, Facial Mark, Earrings, Piercing, Arm Guards, Loincloth, Belt


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Neck
Nationality: Japan
Bear is an older player of the game and plays a Blademaster. He appears as cool and collected, always willing to help out newbies, giving off an experienced air. He also conducts research in the real world on Tsukasa in the attempt to try to figure out who he really is; he is in fact the first character who discovers Tsukasa's real life identity. Bear is usually seen hanging out with Mimiru and BT.
In real life, Bear is a famous novelist named Ryo Sakuma. He's 47 years old and his most acclaimed work is the novel "Annwn".
He's divorced from his wife, and is constantly pestered by his son, a Wavemaster that goes by the name Teddy in The World, with demands for money.
Ryo Sakuma enjoys various hobbies, like reading books by famous authors, and going to the theatre. He smokes quite a lot, and has several dictionaries in his computer, which enable him to research anytime.
In Unison, the conversation at the bar, and certain scenes at Net Slum suggest that Bear and BT start a relationship in real life after the events in .hack//Sign.
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Voice actors:

Kazuhiro Nakata, Japanese
Paul Mercier, English
Bruno Magne, French
Giorgio Locuratolo, Italian
Rafael Monsalve, Spanish
Crock Krumbiegel, German
Alexandre Marconatto, Brazilian
Han Choi, Korean