Beneej Spoor


Alternative names:

Spaurh Aronn Saicspath Nimh Laitpanr Painaich in Baronh is the head of the Spoor family, heir to the clan's name. She lives up to her traits as a Spoor, being bored a majority of the time and bothered by menial tasks. Beneej Spoor maintains a fierce rivalry against the Abriel's for the sake that their two clans have been rivals for centuries, if not millennia. Her tastes and behavior can be considered eccentric, but given some time one could easily read them. Spoor is an expert in reading people and comparing their intelligence to her own, which makes her more effective as a businesswoman and a field commander.
Due to her family genetics and inheritance, Beneej Spoor has a tendency to poke fun at those who cannot think on her level. According to Lafiel, it is publicly admitted Beneej is the one who completely elaborates the thousands-year-old teasing skill of Spoors' clan. Her nature outside of the battlefield is relatively arrogant, but not so much so that it interferes with her duties or subordination to her superior officers and nobility. She usually appears bored by doing menial tasks. Additionally, she seems to despise having to wait before taking part in some sort of action. In the mean time she spends time teasing her subordinate Kufadiss to satisfy her taste and show off her superior knowledge.
While on the battlefield, she bears a calm and cool presence; otherwise it can be called excited when she has the advantage. She seems to lack great amount of care for inevitable casualties, but she seems greatly attached to her own fleet, often referring to her craft as "her little ships". She cares greatly for the fate of her fleet and the servicemen under her command, shown at the Aptic Campaign and Lobnas Gateway Battle.

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Voice actors:

Rica Fukami, Japanese
Mariette Sluyter, English