Beni Hitachi


Alternative names:

常陸 ベニ
She is the main heroine for volume 5 of the novel. Her model character in "Tales of Genji" is Suetsumuhana.
She used "Saffron" as the nickname on her blog, and met Hikaru (nicknamed "Polar star") through internet. Even Hikaru did not met her in person when still alive, so this gave Koremitsu a hard time of finding out her true identity.
Being described as "not beautiful," her face is never being illustrated in the novel. She doesn't want to reveal herself in fear of that "Polar Star" would reject her for her look. On the day of meeting she monitored in secret and mistaken Koremitsu as "Polar Star," this discouraged her even more.
Koremitsu is finally able to fulfill Hikaru's promise to her after several hard working attempts. Hikaru thinks she is still beautiful in many unique ways.

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