Blood War


Alternative names:

Brad Wong


Human, Sociopath, Gangster, Gunslinger, Sunglasses, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Facial
Hair length: To Shoulders
Brad Wong, a.k.a. "Blood War", is an assassin who is credited for killing 327 men. However, in the series he was released from prison after serving for 5 years. To him, peacetime is too boring for him, and relishes the thrill of battle. He is also the best friend of Cannon Vulcan, and joins him in the Lightning group after leaving the Volcano group.
After Vulcan shows Blood War the Necrolization process, created by Dr. Tokioka, and how it can create almost invincible soldiers, Blood War then kills his entire group and has them Necrolized. He then has them sent against Millennion - with a little information from an inside spy within the group, Vulcan's little brother Balladbird Lee - and succeeds in killing two top members.
However, in battle with Brandon Heat and Bunji Kugashira, Blood War discovers a major flaw in the Necrolization process... it only lasts a week before the men break down into pieces. Not willing to give up, Blood War then takes a Necrolization serum before killing himself. However, the Necrolized Blood War was later destroyed by Bear Walken and his Overkill squad.
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Related anime:

Gungrave TV, 2003

Voice actors:

Masahiko Tanaka, Japanese
Jamieson Price, English
Stéphane Roux, French