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Human, Adult, Glasses, Military, Superpowers, Moustache, Tie, Suit, Uniform, Coat, Sailor


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Facial
Hair length: To Ears
Admiral Kizaru (黄猿大将, Kizaru Taishō) is one of the three Admirals in the Marines. His name means "Yellow Monkey" in Japanese while his original name was Borsalino (ボルサリーノ, Borusarīno). He was first mentioned by Robin during the initial encounter with Aokiji.
Appearance; Personality; Abilities and Powers; Devil Fruit;Weapons; Trivia:
Kizaru is a middle aged man with a moderate amount of wrinkles on his face. He has appeared in a yellow striped suit with the standard Marines' coat over it. He wears shades and a portable Den Den Mushi on his wrist. He is very tall, about the same height as Aokiji.
The way Kizaru's character design is drawn resembles the famous Japanese actor, Kunie Tanaka.
Kizaru's personality appears a combination of the more laid-back Aokiji and the more ruthless Akainu.
Like Aokiji, Kizaru seems to be very laid-back and easygoing, even in surprising and unexpected situations, but he's apparently never shocked. Even when a pirate fired a gunshot at him, he seemed to be focused only on calling his subordinate, and didn't even mind. He even asked the offenders where his subordinate was. After uprooting a mangrove tree, he laughed to himself that the force he used was a tad excessive. He's also very calm and cool-headed, even in tense situations, such as when Basil Hawkins appeared unharmed by his attack, or when Rayleigh appeared. Unfortunately, he can be quite absent-minded and irresponsible, judged by the fact he used a lot of power in a kick directed at escaping pirates, uprooted an entire mangrove tree, and tried to call Sentoumaru with a black Den Den Mushi, which is only for intercepting communications. He also seems to prefer his original name, Borsalino, rather than his alias, as shown when Sentoumaru called him and he said, "This is Borsalino".
However, more in line with Akainu, he is shown to have a ruthless side: he gives criminals, in particular pirates, very little mercy once he has targeted them. He even planned to capture Silvers Rayleigh, who had given up pirating over twenty years earlier, simply because he was the first mate of the Jolly Roger Pirates. Following the events of the Sabaody Archipelago, Kizaru has captured 500 pirates out of spite. Also like Smoker and Sengoku, he sees the Shichibukai as nothing more than just pirates, even if they are on the World Government's side.
Abilities and Powers:
As an Admiral, Kizaru commands vast numbers of Marine troops that are under his rank. Most of all, he has the ability to order a Buster Call attack on any island.
Devil Fruit
Kizaru possesses the power of the Pika Pika no Mi, meaning glimmer or light, a Logia-type Devil Fruit. As a Logia-user, he is able to let objects pass through him and reconstruct his body from energy particles. He's as fast as light. All of his attacks are based on the element of light, such as firing energy blasts from his finger tips or feet. His power is very destructive, causing huge explosions and easily destroying buildings.
Kizaru has shown considerable skill with a sword as he is able to duel Silvers Rayleigh to a draw despite his loss of intangibility.
The model of Kizaru's face is the Japanese actor, Kunie Tanaka. Along with that, Kizaru's clothes and real name, Borsalino, are apparently based on a movie character that Kunie Tanaka played in his youth. The character, Borsalino, from the old Japanese film Truck Yarō (トラック野郎), wore a suit and shades similar to Kizaru's design.
According to Hawkins:
In a battle against Kizaru the chances of defeat were 100%
In flight (retreating) the chances of success were 12%
On the defensive side circumvention chances were 76%
Survival; probability of death was 0%
Hawkins came to the conclusion that facing an admiral with just ten men was unwise.
Kizaru's first named technique, Yata no Kagami, is taken from one of the three legendary treasures of Japanese mythology.
Kizaru's second named technique, Ama no Murakumo, is also taken from one of the three legendary treasures of Japanese mythology.
Kizaru and Aokiji used a sword made of their respective elements in battle.
Kizaru is a confirmed character in One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

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Voice actors:

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