Alternative names:



Human, Warrior, Adult, Gunslinger, Wings


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Not visible
Hair colour: Not visible
Hair length: Hair Up / Indeterminate
Nationality: Skypia
Braham (ブラハム, Burahamu) is one of the Shandian warriors that fought to take back Upper Yard from Eneru. He always appears to have a helmet which covers his eyes ever since he was young, and when he was younger, he is known to have much more hair then he has now. He is a skilled but merciless warrior, even gunning down an enforcer who surrendered to him. He loses to Zoro in the Survival Game, but manages to give him a hard time with his quick movements and ranged attacks; he later recovers as the war ends. He dual-wields Light Guns, guns that produce a bright flash so his opponents can't see the bullets come at them, though he seems to be fairly skilled at close combat, mainly involving the use of Skate-type Wavers called Jet Ski to boost the speed of his kicks.
First Appearance: Chapter 249; Episode 163
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Voice actors:

Kenji Nomura, Japanese
Charles Baker, English

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