Alternative names:



Magic User, Monster, Pointy Ears, Scantily-clad


Gender: Female
Hair colour: Turquoise
click for larger version Cameran was a female youma under the control of Nephrite in episode 017 (Model ha Usagi? Youma camera no nessha). Her mission was to gather the energy of award-winning photographer Kijin Shinokawa once he reached his peak energy output. Nephrite put his evil crest on Kijin's camera, causing him to become obsessed with taking photographs of young girls. Usagi, along with hundreds of other young girls, was selected for a photo shoot with Kijin. It soon became apparent that when he took the girls' photographs, they disappeared and were trapped within photos. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon and confronted the photographer, who continued to try to take her picture. She managed to kick his camera into the nearby pool, leaving Kijin unconscious and causing Cameran to emerge. Cameran then attempted to take Sailor Moon's picture, but she was able to dodge the beams. Just as one of the beams was about to hit Sailor Moon, Luna jumped in front of the girl and was hit instead, causing her to become trapped in a photograph. Cameran threw photographs of Luna and Kijin at Sailor Moon. Cameran eventually backed Sailor Moon into a corner, but Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars suddenly appeared to thwart her plans. Sailor Mercury used her Sabão Spray attack to fill the air with bubbles and mist, while Sailor Mars used her Akuryou Taisan attack to fling ofuda at the youma. Cameran was able to deflect the ofuda by blasting them with photographic beams, and she even managed to hit Sailor Mars and Mercury, causing them to become trapped in photographs as well. Sailor Moon backed up against a mirrored wall, and remembered that if the camera captures someone, they are instantly turned into a picture. When Cameran next tried to take Sailor Moon's picture, Sailor Moon leapt out of the way at the last second, causing the flash to be reflected back onto the youma. Cameran instantly began to melt, and Sailor Moon used her Moon Tiara Action attack to destroy her once and for all. Everyone whose picture was taken reappeared.
Cameran had lavender skin and wavy blue hair. One outstanding physical feature was her broad, horn-like shoulders. She also had a burgundy line that ran vertically across her face, through her right eye. Her right hand had a third eye which acted like a camera. She used this third eye to take pictures of people, trapping them in photographs.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Yuka Ohno, Japanese
Liat Har-lev, Hebrew
Rachel Robinson, English