Candice White Adley


Alternative names:





Gender: Female
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Blonde/yellow
Hair length: To Shoulders
Candy is an orphan grown up in the orphanage "Pony's Home." She has got golden blond hair, green eyes and freckles in her funny face. Candy is very kind-hearted, helpful, optimistic, cheerful and vivid and doesn't have any inferiority complex because of being an orphan at all. So many people like her or love her very much. While being a teenager, she is adopted by the clan Adley, the biggest, very rich, influential and highly respected clan in the United States of America. From then on Candy must go through many troubles in her life. However, she never becomes dejected, but stays cheerful, diligent and optimistic.

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Voice actors:

Amélie Morin, French
Laura Boccanera, Italian
Minori Matsushima, Japanese
Nuria Trifol, Spanish
Kata Csondor, Hungarian
Cecilia Gispert, Spanish