Captain Napolipolita



Alien, Cape, Heavy Drinker, Ponytail, Sunglasses


Gender: Female
Hair colour: Green
Napolipolita is a captain in the Alpha Cygnan space navy, who has spent the last sixteen years searching the universe for C-ko. Although she first appears to be a man, it is later revealed that the Alpha Cygnans are an all-female race, some of which resemble males. Although Napolipolita cuts a fine figure, always impeccably dressed with a dramatically-swirling cloak and wraparound sunglasses, her facade quickly shatters when danger arises. During the long sojourn in space, she has become completely addicted to alcohol and unravels when she is unable to get a drink.
After the events of the first movie, Napolipolita is stranded on Earth, seemingly doomed to never return home to the Lepton Kingdom. She rebuilds her grounded spaceship into a 30,000 room hotel catering to Earthling tastes, giving a brave face to the human population. However, she is miserable and longs only to return home.
In the final A-ko movie, she misses her only chance to return to her home planet. This was because she stopped to get drunk on the way to the Graviton City High School for Girls, site of the Alpha Cygnan's landing.

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Voice actors:

Scott McNeil, English
Shuuichi Ikeda, Japanese