Alternative names:

愛島 セシル
あいじま セシル


Beastman, Shape-shifter, Singer, Tanned, School Uniform, School Crest, Tie, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Petrol
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Neck
Height/size: 1.77m
Weight: 58kg
Age: Unknown
Birthday: October 31
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Instrument: Flute
Hobbies: Magic
Favourite Food: Riceballs (also very fond of Melonpan)
Least Favourite Food: Fish
Introduces himself as a "prince" from Agna Palace (Agnapolis?); where the people are servants of the goddess of music, Muse.
He is cursed to turn into a cat, which Haruka named 'Kuppuru'. He falls in love with Haruka from the first time he met her.
While not officially a student at Saotome Academy, he later joins the rank of an S-Class participant, and becomes Camus' student.
Despite their arguing and opposing personalities. Cecil is one of the few people who has seen the real Camus, and can tell when he's lying. He's also one of the few people aside from Quartet Night that sticks with him, despite his flaws and occasionally tries to defend him, as he "isn't that bad...". Determined to impress and make Camus proud, he tries his best in both his work and their relationship.
Minor issues are that Cecil is scared of dogs, and apparently cannot swim. There is a slight possibility he still has contact with people in his home country, as he is heard talking to someone on the phone in a foreign language during gameplay on 'Amazing Aria' (that is not English, French or Japanese).
Cecil's curse was placed upon him by his Uncle (and/or other relatives) who hated him for being half Japanese. They were also responsible for his banishment once Cecil's father fell ill and the Uncle took over the thrown.
Cecil's curse can only be broken when his love is returned. However it can be temporarily put off in two ways: 1) Through a kiss to the lips. -- 2) Cecil uses his magic to transform back, but risks draining his stamina and magical powers.
In Amazing Aria or REPEAT's Memorial section, it is revealed in full detail that Cecil and Otoya share the same mother (Aijima Kotomi), but different fathers. -- Aijima Kotomi had Otoya with Shining Saotome when they were young, and ended up putting him into an Orphange. Shortly after she headed somehwere on a plane that crashed over Agna Place. She survived, but suffered amnesia. The people of Agna Palace found her and brought her into their care, where she met Cecil's father and gave birth to Cecil. -- Neither boy is fully aware of this. -- This is also hinted at in All Star during Camus' route.
There are also some signs that Kotomi returned to Japan from Agna Palace after awhile, but its never said why. Though Cecil has seen her during one of his performances. Theories are that Cecil's Uncle also forced her out of the country as well once the King fell sick.
In Camus' All Star route, it is revealed that the Queen is losing her powers and soon Silk Palace will be unprotected from its harsh weather climate. Cecil's Uncle has taken notice to this, and has decided to set up an arranged marriage between the Queen and Cecil-- Too not only get rid of Cecil for good, but to still make use of him for their own gain, while not having to deal with him anymore.

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Voice actors:

Kousuke Toriumi, Japanese