Alternative names:

Akai Suisei
Casval Rem Deikun
Edward Mass
The Red Comet
Shaa Azunaburu


Genius, Human, Taisa~大佐, Colonel, Adult, Analytical, Cape, Charismatic, Hat, Manipulative, Masks, Mecha Pilot, Military, Secret Identity, Vengeful


Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 17. November
Eye colour: White
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Ears
Birth Date: November 17, 0059 (U.C.) as Casval Rem Deikun
Age: 20 (MSG) / 27 (MSG-Z) / 33 (MSG-CC)
Gender: Male
Genetic Type: Newtype
Height: 175 cm (MSG) / 180 cm (MSG-Z)
Weight: 74 kg
Nationality: Side 3
Affiliation: Principality of Zeon (MSG) / Axis Zeon (PoYC) / Anti Earth Union Group "AEUG" (MSG-Z) / Neo Zeon (MSG-CC)
Occupation: Principality of Zeon Mobile Suit Pilot (MSG) / Leader of the Anti-Earth Union Group "AEUG" (MSG-Z) / Supreme Leader of Neo Zeon (MSG-CC)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander (MSG) / Lieutenant (MGS-Z) / Captain (MSG-CC)
Love Interests:
Lalah Sune (MSG) / Natalie Bianchi (PoYC) / Reccoa Londe (MSG-Z) / Nanai Miguel (MSG-CC)
Family: Zeon Zum Deikun (Father), Astraia Toa Deikun (Mother), Sayla Mass (Sister), Don Teabolo Mass (Foster Father),
Afranshia Char (Clone), Full Frontal (Clone), Unborn Child (Natalie Bianchi), Unborn Child (Nanai Miguel)
Mobile Suits: AMA-00GR Zero GR / AMS-119N Röte Doga / AMX-002S Neue Ziel II / MS-06C Zaku II Early Production Type / MS-06F Zaku II / MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type / MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type / MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type / MS-09RS Rick Dom Char Custom / MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type / MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type / MS-14U Gelgoog (Outer Space Type) / MS-15PLUS Gann Ex / MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type / MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki / MSN-01 Kikeroga / MSN-02 Zeong / MSN-02 Perfect Zeong / MSN-03-2 Great Zeong / MSN-04 Sazabi
Char is one of the most feared pilots of the Principality of Zeon. During his first battle at Loum, Char was able to destroy five Federation Salamis-class ships on his own. He was given the title of "Red Comet" for his fast movements and his red colored Zaku II. Char's true intentions were to kill all the Zabi family members for killing his father the original Zeon leader, Zeon Zum Deikun.
Char had been following the White Base crew throughout the One Year War, U.C. 0079. He met with Amuro several times and engaged in many of the most epic battles in Mobile Suit warfare history.
During the One Year War, Char used plenty of Mobile Suits, only 1 was not colored Red. The MS's he used were (in this order): Zaku II, Z'Gok, Gelgoog, and the Zeong.
In the novels he also use a red Rick Dom.
After the War between the Zeon and the Federation, Char joined the AEUG, under the name Quattro Bajeena, to help them liberate the oppressed colonies from the hands of the Titans. In the AEUG he was an instructor, commander, and later leader of the AEUG after the assassination of the former leader. His mobile suits during his time as Lieutenant Quattro was the psuedo Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, and before that, the Rick Dias (painted red).
Char then returns to the Republic of Zeon, now called Neo Zeon, to take his father's place and finish what his father had started. In this phase of his life he piloted the newtype-specialist mobile suit Sazabi (and in the novel, the Nightingale), which returns to the red colour scheme he is famous for.

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Voice actors:

Shuuichi Ikeda, Japanese
Steven Blum, English
Michael Kopsa, English
Katsuyuki Konishi, Japanese
Mayumi Tanaka, Japanese
Fabio Boccanera, Italian
Massimo Rossi, Italian
Tom Edwards, English

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