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Human, Cyberphysician, Scientist, Earrings, Turtleneck, Labcoat, Lipstick, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Shoulders
Like her partner and lover at the time, Chiren was a citizen of Zalum that had left the city in the sky with Daisuke Ito. However, she had quickly became disillusioned with the dream. She had found herself using her skills as a cyberneticist to beef-up the cyborg gladiators of the coliseum for her boss Vector, while Ito was eagerly fixing poor cyborgs in Scrap Iron City for mere pennies (she didn’t know that Ito was secretly supplementing his pay by working nights as a hunter/warrior, going after bounties offered by ‘The Factory’).
Chiren also served as Vector’s mistress, all the while ‘promising’ her to help her find a way back to Zalum. It was after Vector left her apartment one night that one of Chiren’s former gladiator clients, Grewcica - who was now a brain-eating fugitive with a bounty on his head – had sought her out, severly damaged and begging for her help. At first she refused, but then changed her mind when Grewcica told Chiren a startling story – he was damaged by Ito’s ward Gally. Intrigued by the force of strength Gally used against the massive cyborg, Chiren decided to rebuild and augment Grewcica, mostly to spite Ito for rebuffing her plea to help her return to Zalum. However, she was distraught to find that Gally not only surpassed Grewcica – but easily destroyed him! Although she didn’t know it at the time, the fight between Gally and Grewcica was witnessed by the cyborg hunter/warrior Gime.
It was a short time later Chiren came to realize that Vector, no matter how much she tried to fix the gladiators, might not be serious about returning her to Zalum. She also became alarmed when Vector expressed interest in Gally as a gladiator, as the girl was gaining a reputation as a hunter/warrior. With the promise of sending her to Zalum, Vector told Chiren to deliver Gally to him.
When Yugo found himself with a price on his head, Chiren knew that Gally would try to find him, and followed her. Then listening secretly as Yugo and Gally talked, Chiren found herself remembering fondly about her relationship with Ito, and as Yugo left to get his credit chips, she stayed behind, resolving to try to help them.
But then the cyborg hunter/warrior Gime attacked, effectively killing Yugo. Although Gally soon killed Gime, the young cyborg was distressed, finding herself unable to save him. That was when Chiren acted. Working fast, she severed Yugo’s head and used Gally’s life-support systems to provide life-giving oxygen to his brain just long enough for Gally to take him to Ito, where he gave Yugo a cybernetic body.
Chiren then returned to Vector, and told him that Yugo was dead and Gally’s whereabouts were unknown, then told him that their working relationship was over and went to leave. Then Vector told Chiren that he would take her to Zalum.
Later, when Ito broke into Vector’s office and demanded why he fed Yugo what was a pallet of lies that he could travel to Zalum, he happened to noticed one of Chiren’s earrings on the floor. Beating the information out of Vector, Ito was led to a room where Vector said Chiren was. When the hunter/warrior pulled the covers off, Ito discovered a horrifying sight – Chiren had been killed, her organs removed and preserved for later transplant on Zalum. When Vector secretly called the former cyborg gladiator Zuriki to kill Ito, it was Ito that had killed him – and Vector, avenging Chiren’s death.
(source: Absolute Anime)
Chiren Chiren Chiren Chiren Chiren Chiren

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Voice actors:

Mami Koyama, Japanese
Laura Chapman, English
Tamsin Hollo, English