Alternative names:



Merfolk, Pirate, Rosy Cheeks, Tattoo, Verbal Tic


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brown
Chew (チュウ, Chū) (Choo in the English version) is an Archerfish-man. In the Japanese version, he has a habit of saying "chu" (an onomatopoeic kissing-noise) after each sentence. Choo is one of the more cool-headed officers in Arlong's crew (though also possibly the most violent, as he shoots a Marine Captain before he even finishes talking) and can spit water out of his mouth as if it were a bullet. He ends just about all his sentences with "smek". ("chew" in the 4kids dub) He later fights with the apparently-outmatched Usopp, but he is ultimately beaten after Usopp wears him down by running away and setting him on fire, before repeatedly hitting him over his head with his "Usopp-Hammer" to knock him out.
Chuu Chuu Chuu Chuu Chuu Chuu

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Voice actors:

Masaya Onosaka, Japanese
Jay Hickman, English
Tom Wayland, English
Jorge Saudinos, Spanish

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