Cordelia GLAUCA


Alternative names:



Human, Tantei~探偵, Detective, Hairclip, Pigtails, Flower, Hat, Teenager


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Waist
A blonde girl who often gets delusional concerning the relationship within the group, named after Cordelia Gray. She tends to get rather delusional whenever she is scared. Her Toy allows her to see and hear things others cannot. Cordelia likes to draw; however, her drawing skills aren't that good. She usually draws Milky Holmes together in the flower fields or just flowers.
Cordelia GLAUCA Cordelia GLAUCA Cordelia GLAUCA Cordelia GLAUCA Cordelia GLAUCA Cordelia GLAUCA

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Voice actors:

Izumi Kitta, Japanese
Jeong Sin Wu, Korean