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Enthusiast, Happy-go-lucky, Human, Flirt, Lancer, Piercings, Video Gamer, Warrior, Loincloth, Earrings, Ahoge, Spear, Tattoo, Ponytail, Open Shirt, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Golden
Hair colour: Petrol
Hair length: To Ears
Nationality: Japan
Crim is a powerful Long Arm, friend of Subaru who founded the Crimson Knights organization with her, but afterwards left it as he found it did not match his personality. Amiable, easygoing and sociable; he prefers to keep the real world and the game seperate. Crim's stated goal when playing is simply to have fun, although he never turns down a chance to help somebody in need.
In real life, he is a business man, and is frequently sent off on business trips to places all around the world. His age is unknown. He and BT have met in real life.
His main hobby is playing The World, and he also likes to read books. Ryo Sakuma is one of his favorite authors and he frequently uses quotes from his books in the game.
Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim Crim

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Voice actors:

Shinichiro Miki, Japanese
Lex Lang, English
Jose Manuel Vieira, Spanish
Oliver Mink, German
Martial Leminoux, French
Francesco Bulckaen, Italian
Su Jin Kang, Korean