Alternative names:

D'Artagnan is still a teenager when he leaves his native Gascogne "to go up" to Paris. In the series, he is just 15 years old and he dreams to become a musketeer. He is far from knowing the difficulties he will encounter and the very important missions which will be given to him thereafter. even if he is still impetuous and inexperienced, courage and a strong will help him to achieve his goal. A great sense of honor is also one of his qualities. He is weak against women - the disconcerting Milady or the soft Constance with whom he is very in love.

Related anime:

Three Musketeers TV, 1987
Tekkamen wo oe! Dartanyan Monogatari Yori TV-Special, 1987
The Three Musketeers: Aramis the Adventure Movie, 1989

Related manga:

Anime Sanjuushi Manga, 1987

Voice actors:

Toshio Furukawa, Japanese
Thierry Bourdon, French
Diego Sabre, Italian
Tatsuya Matsuda, Japanese