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The DD Girls were five youma who appeared in episode 045. These winged female youma volunteered for Queen Beryl to fight the Sailor Senshi, who had recently made their way to D Point, the secret location of the Dark Kingdom's lair. The DD Girls had the power to create illusions, and they were twice able to convince Sailor Moon of Tuxedo Kamen's presence, in order to lure her close enough to kill. The other senshi, however, intervened, and alerted Sailor Moon to the fact that this was only an illusion, causing both attempts to fail. Quickly losing her patience with the DD Girls' tricks and illusions, Sailor Jupiter decided to attack them with "Supreme Thunder." She lost her concentration, however, when the youma assumed the likeness of Motoki Furuhata, causing Sailor Jupiter to hesitate for just long enough to allow the youma to capture her in their tentacles and attempt to electrocute her. While still incapacitated by the youma, Sailor Jupiter used her "Supreme Thunder" attack. This resulted in the deaths of the red and purple DD Girls, as well as Sailor Jupiter.
Sailor Mercury attempted to distract the youma, but they attacked her. She refused to be deceived by their illusion of Urawa Ryo. The youma blasted her with two large explosions, but she was able to determine that this was yet another illusion, although it did generate real heat. She used her "Sabão Spray" attack to protect herself from the heat and penetrate the vision. Once inside, the DD Girls captured her with their tentacles. After being repeatedly blasted with bursts of energy, she lifted her computer and smashed the stone set in the tiara of the lead youma. Sailor Mercury died, but prevented the DD Girls from creating any further illusions. Sailor Moon was very upset by her friend's death, and dropped to the ground. When the ground around her began to glow, Sailor Venus pushed her out of the way. Unfortunately, she was captured by the remaining three youma's tentacles and pulled into a cavern in the ground. Sailor Moon screamed, "Stop it! You can have the Ginzuishou, so let Minako go!" Sailor Venus responded by saying, "If you do that, I'll never forgive you!" Venus then used her "Crescent Beam" attack against one of the youma at point-blank range. In the ensuing explosion, one of the youma and Sailor Venus were killed.
After the other Senshi were killed, Sailor Mars bravely faced the final two DD Girls. As she prepared to perform her "Fire Soul" attack on them, the youma dove into the ground on either side of her. An enormous blast from underground sent Mars flying into the air on top of a large mound of ice, which then opened up to engulf her. After watching all of her friends die, Sailor Moon became completely despondent. One of the youma emerged from the ground and attempted to attack Sailor Moon with her tentacles. The flames of Sailor Mars's "Fire Soul" attack suddenly burst through the mound of ice and destroyed the youma at the last moment. Inside the ice, Sailor Moon saw flashes of light and heard Mars's screams. The mound finally collapsed in a burst of energy, and the final surviving DD Girl emerged. The DD Girl lifted Mars from the rubble with her tentacles, then dropped her on top. Mars was not dead yet, however! She grabbed the youma's tentacle and performed her "Fire Soul" attack, causing an enormous explosion... and killing the final DD Girl.
The five DD Girls were red, purple, blue, pink, and green. In the DiC dub, they were known as the Doom and Gloom Girls. Like most youma, they appeared only in one episode. They did make one additional appearance in a flashback in the first part of the Sailor Moon SuperS Special.

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Sailor Moon TV, 1992

Voice actors:

Naoko Nakamura, Japanese
Asako Satou, Japanese
Orli Katan, Hebrew
Maya Bar shalom, Hebrew