Demitri Maximoff


Alternative names:



Nobility, Vampire, Wings, Boots, Cravat, Cape, Hair Spike, Muscular, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Ears
In the Night Warriors anime OVA, Demitri has blocked out the sun over the city he resides for a solid century and the villagers have had enough. Now awake, Demitri sets into motion his plans to retake the demon world for himself, which he announces at a party where he has invited several human worshipers - which he promptly kills. Morrigan ultimately interferes, but it is the arrival of the Huitzil robots that finally drives him away. Demitri, sensing Pyron's power, takes the bait and meets the cosmic entity in open battle, with Demitri being soundly defeated. But unlike the other Darkstalkers Pyron fought who had their fates unrevealed, Demitri survived his onslaught with Pyron after Morrigan arrives at his ruined castle and when she approaches Demitri, he revives from his unconsciousness and bites her on the neck. But he relents and seems to form a friendship with Morrigan. He is last seen with Morrigan witnessing Donovan's victory over Pyron.

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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge OVA, 1997

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Maleficarum: Darkstalkers/Red Earth Manga, 1997

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Namco x Capcom Video Game, 2005

Voice actors:

Akio Otsuka, Japanese
Paul Dobson, English
Si Ho Hong, Korean
Alessandro Rossi, Italian