Alternative names:

Queen Diva


Hair Antenna, Royalty, Facial Mark, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair colour: Purple
Hair length: To Neck
The ruler of the Bugrom. With the exception of a few features, she has the external appearance of a beautiful woman and is the only fully humanoid member of the tribe, though this may possibly be an illusion, as with the case of the ruler of the Insects in the Alternate World of Creteria. When Katsuhiko arrives in El-Hazard and is brought before her by some of her soldiers, she becomes convinced that he is actually a messenger sent by God destined to lead the Bugrom to victory over their enemies in the Alliance. Impressed by Katsuhiko's ability to mobilize the troops and conquer nations with ease, she also becomes romantically interested in him. When the Bugrom homeland is annihilated by the Eye of God, she manages to avoid the attack with Jinnai's personal squad by traveling to deliver supplies to Katsuhiko on the frontline.
At the start of the Alternate World series, she is urged by Jinnai to produce eggs for the new colony they are constructing, due to the Bugrom having been decimated by the Eye of God- even though more survivors have found their way to the new colony, their numbers are still insufficient. However, much to Jinnai's horror, she needs to have a mate in order to give birth to a new generation, and Jinnai is the only male available at the time (at least, that is what she claims). Jinnai's attempt to escape her is why he and his squad are transported to Cretari. Once they return, however, Jinnai is dragged into Diva's amorous embrace.
Diva in The Wanderers
Diva is very much a background character in the OVA, and she doesn't have much more to do in The Wanderers, either. However, the relationship between her, Jinnai and the bubble-headed Ifurita does take on a rather comedic family dynamic. Also, The Wanderers is the only El-Hazard series in which Diva encounters a human character without a special power to understand the Bugrom language.

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Voice actors:

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, English
Yoko Soumi, Japanese
Christine Paris, French
Susan Sindberg, French
Chae Eon Han, Korean