Name: Unknown
In-game name: Magical Doll/Doll
Race: Angel Race
Job: Soul Sorcerer/Necromancer
Team: Odd Squad
Met when she was running from her own summons and after that she becomes another of the Odd Squad's members. She is a human soul sorcerer/necromancer who can summon the undead from hell and although at first she is afraid of them instead, she overcome her fear quite fast. She claims that although she may look like an evil magician, she is as good as an angel, although she uses "black magic" to summon her undead pets. Her favorite quote is "Love and Justice."
Although she has a weird and childish personality and the looks of a 12 year old girl, Doll sometimes can be very mature. She admits that she comes from a wealthy family in real life.
Later is revealed she is a real life princess and that she was the main reason Yu Lian joined the Odd Squad.

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