Don George


Alternative names:



Adult, Announcer


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Facial
Don George was introduced in "Battle Club! A Mysterious Pokémon Appears!!", he introduces himself to Ash and Iris and recommends he battle a Trainer. He acts as the judge of the battle between Ash and the Trainer when suddenly the alarms go off and him and the gang investigate. They watch the footage and find Team Rocket are the culprit and suddenly see a mysterious Pokémon who they think is an Umbreon.
He and his assistants try and track down the Umbreon, suddenly he spots it and they run after it. They track it down and corner it and it is revealed to be a Meowth. Back at the club Ash finds the culprit, a Pokabu. Ash shows him the rope and Ash tells him that his previous Trainer rejected it. Later he lets Ash capture the Pokabu.

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Pokémon: Black & White TV, 2010
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Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Dekorora Adventure TV, 2013

Voice actors:

Hisao Egawa, Japanese
Marc Thompson, English