Don Krieg


Alternative names:

Kaizoku Kantai Teitoku
Krieg Don


Human, Pirate, Captain, Adult, Armor, Big Ego, Bloodthirsty, Ruthless, Tyrant, Weapon Master


Gender: Male
Birthday: 19. September
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Grey
Hair length: To Ears
Krieg is a typical One Piece villain who displays cruel tendencies using a huge arsenal of weapons and overwhelming odds. He is used to winning and being able to topple any force that goes up against him; this led to his failed attempt to conquer the Grand Line. However, his constant victories and reliance on weapons and odds made him overconfident.
He displays some realization that his crew are an important aspect to his efforts and he makes sure they are fed to regain their full strength after Mihawk's onslaught.However, Don Krieg does not care for his crew and bullies them to fear him as their captain; he punishes those who fail him or show signs of weakness often with death.
Source : One Piece Wikia
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Voice actors:

Fumihiko Tachiki, Japanese
Andy Mullins, English
Marc Thompson, English
Guilherme Lopes, Brazilian
Christoph Jablonka, German
Micha Morim, Hebrew
Jamie Meldrum, English
Marc Bretonnière, French

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