Dozle ZABI


Alternative names:

Dozuru Zebi


Human, Chuujou~中将, Vice Admiral, Abnormally Tall, Adult, Mecha Pilot, Military, Royalty, Scar, Sideburns, Facial Scar, Tanned


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Ears
Nationality: Zeon
Dozle Zabi is the second oldest son of Degwin Sodo Zabi and the Principality of Zeon's Space Attack Force Commander. His job during the war was to move fleets to and from various points in space to help the Zeon secure victory during the One Year War, like a Fleet Admiral of World War II.
Tall, burly and scarred, Dozle casts a fearsome appearance at first glance but he is actually one of the more likable of the Zabi clan. Gregarious and good natured, Dozle is a good man to his troops. He is also a devoted, loving family man and has a wife Zena and baby daughter Mineva. Dozle is closest to his younger brother Garma and actually looks forward to the day when Garma becomes an admiral in his own right.
Dozle dismisses Char Aznable from his division, blaming him (though not suspecting him of foul play) for incompetence in the battle that resulted in Garma's death. Dozle especially despises his sister Kycilia and this feeling is only increased when she takes Char under her wing.
Dozle is revered by his troops in the Space Attack Force for personally leading them in battle. He and his bodyguard and close friend Shin Matsunaga were known to stage frontline "inspections" in his custom MS-06F Zaku II mobile suit, which typically became impromptu raids on nearby Earth Federation forces.
Dozle's command center is located in the heart of the asteroid Solomon (later renamed Konpei Island by the Federation), and it is here that Dozle made his last stand. Late in UC0079 the Federation launched an offensive against Solomon, utilizing their remaining Salamis and Magellan class vessels.
When the Federation's Public class assault ships successfully deployed their beam dispersion smoke, Dozle ordered the mandatory evacuation of all non-essential personnel. At the same time the Federation deployed its first Solar System array at Solomon, which destroyed anything attempting to leave.
Dozle mounted his own mobile armor, the MA-08 Big Zam, and flew out to buy time for the evacuees, and shortly there after was engaged by the Federation's Gundam mobile suit. During battle his Big Zam's I-Field generator is disabled by a kamikaze attack from a core fighter, and his Big Zam is finally disabled by the Gundam. Dozle in his last moments exits the cockpit of the Big Zam and fires a machinegun at the Gundam, causing Amuro to temporarily be stricken with fear and doubt. He was caught in the subsequent explosion of the Big Zam and killed. His death marked the beginning of the end for Zeon forces in space.
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Voice actors:

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French Tickner, English
Tessyo Genda, Japanese

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