Alternative names:



Human, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Neck
Duval is an enormous man who was originally introduced wearing a medieval looking mask. While standing he shows around two and a half times a normal person height. He has a muscular torso but has skinny arms and legs. Besides his head and shoulders which are covered in armor, he wears an open leather jacket, black pants, cowboy boots, and a long fur cape.
Underneath his iron mask, Duval surprisingly looks exactly like Sanji's badly drawn wanted poster. Except for his eyebrow which swirls downward instead of upward like Sanji's, he is an exact duplicate to the drawing. Because of this appearance, he had a lot of trouble with the marines and bounty hunters, and thus had to conceal his face in order to protect himself. While Duval received alot of injuries because of this, his most devastating one is a scar on his back which he states is very painful.
Upon confronting Sanji in order to get revenge, Duval got his entire facial structure rearranged by Sanji's kicks. The result of such a crude and violent operation was a complete successful makeover. Due to Sanji's kicks, Duval's entire face had been rearranged into a handsome one completely different from the one he originally had. He absolutely loves it for the benefits it gives. Though turned handsome, Duval however has a hard time winking and thus his eyes would often not wink in unison.

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Voice actors:

Toshihiko Seki, Japanese
Simone D'Andrea, Italian
Antoine Tome, French