Alternative names:



Badass, Hotspur, Human, Adult, Gunslinger, Hot-headed, Nun, Sunglasses, Necklace, American, Hair Intakes, Tattoo, Hairband, Cross, Gun


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: Past Waist
Nationality: America
Eda is a nun in a convent in Roanapur with ties to the underground (since the convent is mainly a smuggling operation). She is friends with Revy but that doesn't keep them from pointing their guns at each other in business matters as they share the same hotheaded personality. She has blonde hair and wears her pink sunglasses even with her nun outfit.
It is later revealed that Eda is actually CIA and undercover in Roanapur.
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Voice actors:

Jun Karasawa, Japanese
Lisa Ann Beley, English
Christin Marquitan, German
Karl-Line Heller, French