Eikichirou Saidou


Alternative names:

Saidō seems to be a bit lecherous, due to him commenting on how he had a clear view of a soul's panties in the Fake Karakura Arc, as well as making up (rather lewd) reasons for why Rukia decided to stay in the real world, the main reason being how she was looking for "pleasures of the flesh", however, he also seems to be quite level-headed and kind, as seen in his first appearance in the anime he was playing with some children in Rukongai.
During Ichigo's fight with Grand Fisher, he saves Karin Kurosaki from one of Grand Fisher's attacks, getting seriously wounded in the process. He also drops a Ichigo a few bits of wisdom on what it really means to be a soul reaper. He's the first soul reaper aside from Rukia to truly comprehend Ichigo's abnormal power as he calls his potential " a little frightening".

Related anime:

Bleach TV, 2004

Voice actors:

Takuya Kirimoto, Japanese
Ju Chang Lee, Korean