Alternative names:



Demon, Pigtails, Hat, Akuma, Adult


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Orange
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: To Neck
Height: 170 cm (Human form)
Weight: 56 kg (Human form)
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: Akuma oil
Nationality: Unknown
Relatives: Arystar Krory III (lover)
Eliade is a level two akuma. She is Arystar Krory's one and only love.
She's blonde and usually has twintails.
She's quite obsessed with beauty, make-up, and shopping. Although her beauty let her become a popular woman, her akuma nature always makes her feel ugly. She feels incomplete and wants to love someone else. As an akuma, she believed that it would be impossible for her, but then she meets Krory, and is the only one to live with him in his castle.
Krory has to kill her after discovering her akuma nature.
Even after her death, he still loves her deeply. Several times during the manga it's shown that when Krory is suffering, or is confused, he thinks of Eliade and calls her name. Also, when he's in a desperate, deadly situation, he has visions of Eliade.

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D.Gray-man TV, 2006

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Voice actors:

Brina Palencia, English
Maya Okamoto, Japanese
Titanilla Bogdányi, Hungarian